About Us

Hemizame Investments

Hemizame Investments is a contriver, the squad of ace builders who strive to revolutionize the concept of building homes. With over 15+ years of luminous experience in Properties Development, Building Management, and Building Maintenance, we are committing to incorporate years of learning and a futuristic approach in creating your Dream Homes in the Dominican Republic. Team of ardent real estate professionals working into Multi-Units Properties for over decades in bringing extended families and friends closer than ever. It is always better to have someone watch your back; hence, this segment has become quite popular these days. We create a place for you to recreate your magic and unbox the pandora of new possibilities in your Home “Sweet Home”, your very own abode.


The team of Hemizame Investments engages with you to understand the concept and the vague imagination you perceive for Condos or Apartments. Our diverse, skilled patrons are working diligently to proffer you the optimum real estate projects they have built over time, adhering to deadlines of timely delivery. We simplify the complex design using innovative technology catering to your requirements and make your living as comfortable as we can. Luxury is no more a statement for a living, the concept of luxurious properties is becoming a necessity. Hence with each project, we are infusing the necessities and luxury to give you more than just a Home, an exhilarating experience for the rest of your life.


Hemizame Investments are the creators of prominent Residential and Commercial projects in the Dominican Republic that lead to gaining the trust of the Investors from the Corporate Sector and Business Fraternity who are looking for High Returns on their Investments. Our team studies the market, internal financial advisors run extensive research and work through all the possible scenarios of the current market and estimated economic value of the project depending on the various factors that contribute majorly to forecast the market value of that commercial project. We plan and execute the commercial project, which predicts the highest appreciation based on the detailed market research in years to come. Our dedicated team handles the entire real estate financial market. We have an eagle eye that helps throughout the significant investments for long- and short-term benefits.


Over the years, we have evolved as Builders and have expanded our presence in one of the most famous Caribbean islands–the Dominican Republic. The highest quality properties in the Dominican Republic are here to make your dream come true. We design these properties to make your holidays memorable—the Dominican Republic beauty of beaches and peerless homes equipped with distinctive interiors offering. We recreated the best experience for your plans to live near the seashore. The properties in this region are equally rewarding for commercial and residential purposes. Since tourists and travelers love this place across the globe for its serene beauty, it will be a Win-Win for you as an investor.


Being the developers, Building Management & Building Maintenance has always been the core expertise at hand. You may lease the building or property; however, you need a highly-skilled workforce to manage and maintain it well. For years, we have been managing the reputed properties in the Dominican Republic, and they know us for providing par excellence maintenance services from generation to generation.


Bricks or walls do not build a home; We lay it on your feelings and dreams! Hemizame Investments feel you and take pride in turning your dreams into reality! Let’s get started!